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Unfortunately due to the pandemic we are not taking new Open Access users. We are hoping this will change in the near future.

The Badger Press printmaking studio runs Open Access 7 days a week. Open Access is a provision of unstaffed studio space and printmaking equipment, for competent and experienced individuals who are capable of working in the studio unsupervised, alongside other Open Access users.

In order to provide relevant experience to become an Open Access user, you will have completed courses at the Badger Press or come to the studio having gained experience externally. Relevant experience gained outside the Badger Press can be achieved from a University, specialist college or through a similar ‘open access’ type printmaking studio. Any experience from outside the Badger Press needs to be practical, direct and within a reasonable time period of a request to use Open Access at the Badger Press. If experience is formed outside of the Badger Press, proof of this experience and references may be requested.

To start using Open Access you are first required to undertake a number of days of Supervised Access, relevant to your level of experience. Supervised access costs £55 per day (running from 10am to 5pm). The studio runs a minimum of two Supervised Access sessions a month, where printmakers can gain experience working in the studio with the support of a member of the Badger Press team.

If you would like to use the Badger Press Open Access facilities, but don’t have a sufficient level of experience or comprehensive knowledge of the process you intend to practice, then you can top-up your existing knowledge with 1:1 tuition. 1:1 tuition provides direct contact time with a Badger Press technician who will be able to guide you during aspects of a process where you lack knowledge/ experience or act to help you through parts of the process where you are unsure or need direction. 1 to 1 tuition can be booked by the half day at a cost of £75 plus studio hire.


Studio Induction

Once Badger Press is confident the printmaker can use the studio and equipment safely and independently then a Studio Induction can be undertaken. The Studio Induction is undertaken at the end of a Supervised Access booking and is inclusive of the £55 day cost. The induction takes about an hour – covering all the relevant health and safety aspects of working in the studio along with the terms of use. Note: the Studio Induction does not cover any printmaking practices, its purpose is to ensure the safekeeping of the studio and that you are capable of using the studio safely both independently and alongside other printmakers.

Following an Induction, the printmaker will be free to book in Open Access and Studio Hire time at their leisure.

Open Access / £25 (per day)

Open Access is booked and paid for by the individual, with space for 4 individual printmakers to work in the studio at any one time.

Open Access fee is £25 per day. Multiple booking discounts for Open Access are available; multiple bookings must be made in advance with confirmed dates. Prices detailed below.

£45/ 2 days when booking with confirmed dates.

£65/ 3 days when booking with confirmed dates.

£80/ 4 days when booking with confirmed dates.


Studio Hire/ £80 (per day)

Alongside Open Access, Badger Press offers Studio Hire. This is the provision of the Badger Press printmaking studio, to an individual or group who wishes to hire the entire studio space privately, for sole use. During Studio Hire there are no interruptions or additional bookings taken, giving the user(s) complete freedom to use the space as they wish. As with Open Access, all individuals, whether printing alone or as part of a more experienced group must have completed a studio induction, having satisfied Badger Press’ experience requirements.

The Badger Press studio can be booked from Monday to Friday on a daily basis. Studio Hire is £80 per day.

Open access studio

Once a booking has been confirmed, payment for Open Access and Studio Hire should be made in full in advance of the booked date(s).

The Badger Press is well stocked with all the consumables a printmaker will need to produce their work, including a comprehensive range of specialist printmaking papers. The use of priced consumables can be totalled-up during a visit and can be paid for at the end of your visit.

We hope you’ll enjoy working at The Badger Press and look forward to your visit.

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