it's with a heavy heart that we have to announce that Badger Press is closing.

The community interest company has to be financially viable to continue. The business has failed to revive adequately after the two years and continuing uncertainty caused by the pandemic. The business was started by Michelle Griffiths in 1982 and has been a regional resource for printmakers for 40 years. However, the recent emergency has probably exacerbated a situation that had gradually developed for some years. Art colleges are not generally teaching printmaking skills as they were in 1982; the field of fine art teaching and practice has expanded enormously over the last four decades. With this, the supply of specialist printmaking materials and equipment is now much more readily available. These changes have probably resulted in fewer graduates seeking access to shared facilities like the Badger Press. The artworld is a dynamic and changing environment and the demise of the Badger Press, as we have known it, is a symptom of those changing times.

Keyholder access is no longer available and the doors will close on 31st May as courses cease.

We wish you all well in future and hope that somehow you are able to continue with your practice.